Anotehr course on Vue completed! Working with Vue 3 and Go (Golang) But… I don’t recommend it.

I’ll just copy my review that I posted on Udemy here…

Alright, done with the course so ready to write a review. A little background, I’m a Sr. QE in the process of career change to Developer role. 8 years in software field and 28 in IT in general. We use the same tech stack at work, so it was nice to have both Vue FE and Go BE in the same course that’s what drew my attention to this course.

Now to the material… IDK what played the biggest role… but this was the third Vue course that I took. Not the longest but took the longest to complete. And it’s NOT because of Go. I’m familiar with Go and spent quite some time learning it. The course is full of those little things that make it stand out not in the good light. Ton of code duplication everywhere. Simple DRY principle is put to rest. Questionable solutions. No testing involved in the process. Making the app “live” section is a clickbait… no info on how to deploy Go nor Vue apps to any service… Testing section touches the tip of it. Lections often end with console errors that the author says nothing about. And I had to chase those errors to make progress just to learn that the error is described in the next lection… Why? This course needs a lot of work to be something valuable. Otherwise it’s just raw… 70% of typos should be cleaned up before even posting the course. This is an embarrasment. It’s just painful to go over the material like that. Yep, everybody do typos… every day. But when you have all the time in advance to fix that, why do you put that out to all the world to see?

My personal opinion for the reader of this review:

Learn Vue somewhere else, learn Go somewhere else. You’ll be able to friend them later. Remember: The Person Who Chases Two Rabbits Catches Neither

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