We all see what’s going on with some prominent layoffs lately. And just to stay sane and on top of it… I’m sharing some personal thoughts about what could’ve been done better while still employed… For future me, and for a random reader who stumbles upon this page. Let’s go…
  1. Pay attention to all possible warning signs in the company. There are plenty usually, they might seem subtle but take every one of them in account and maybe even write them down for future you. So you might see how the picture gets grimmer and grimmer. So you are aware and ready to act accordingly.
  2. 1 year is the time in the current IT world where you just need to start brushing up your resume regardless of how good you are positioned. And even start interviewing just to see where the market is and to keep your interviewing skills top notch. There are a lot of benefits in doing this. Just think about it a little, you’ll find them. 
  3. Never discard any job search documents created during the previous job hunt. They might seem like something unnecessary and even outdated, but only God knows how soon you might need them. And maybe even sooner than you think.
  4. Working for startups – no matter what phase they are at, they can pop any moment. Just remember this. They are more prone to business restructures, missed goals that are crucial for financial posture of the company and so on. Just keep that in mind and follow item #2 from this list even more carefully.
  5. Don’t overestimate your value for the company. Your colleagues may absolutely enjoy working with you and think that you are doing a great job, and even your boss may think the same. But… There are no irreplaceable specialists. Yep, the company may struggle a bit after letting you go, but with their resources they’ll be fine.
  6. Work for the company, share values and do your work well, but put your interests first. Nothing personal, it’s just business. The company will fire/lay you off following their interests, why should you think differently? It’s mutual. Be ready to leave any time.
  7. Layoffs rarely come as a one-time thing. This one may not affect you, but that doesn’t mean another one won’t. Heard about lay off in your company? Revisit #2 in this list and start acting.
  8. Better leave than be let go, kinda obvious… but not for everybody. Still it’s best to quit on your terms than on theirs.
  9. Be aware of US companies going global. It may change very quickly. As a company becomes global it opens the whole new opportunities for the company to hire cheaper workforce from the other countries. And you don’t have to look far… employees from Mexico and Latin America are 25-30% cheaper than US workers. And they are often in the same time zone. So no need to hustle with candidates from India for example.
  10. Do you do a lot to move your career forward in the company you work for? But you don’t see any progress, and it doesn’t matter if your performance is high. And you even try to push it forward from your end, and still, there’s no progress? That’s a sign that this company won’t let you grow. There are plenty of reasons why. Some examples: they don’t have room for your growth, they are happy that you cover the work you are doing in your current position, and it’s hard to back your role up. Etc. There are multiple reasons. But it all boils down to the idea that this isn’t your company. Time to move on.