Learning Python!

I started to learn Python about a month ago, and today I asked my fellow student at BBST Foundations course if he could recommend any good books to learn Python. He’s an experienced Python programmer. So, he gave me a great list of books. I wish to keep that list for myself and share it with others:

– Effective Python (more advanced)

– Learning Python, 5th Edition – very comprehensive and deep going introduction

– Programming Python, 4th Edition

– Python Testing Cookbook (2011) – nice for testing

– Test-Driven Development with Python – also very interesting book but requires more knowledge of Python

– Testing Python – good for Unit tests, BDD and TDD programming approaches

– Learning Python the Hard Way -> http://learnpythonthehardway.org/ very fast way to get basic knowledge

– 100 Python Programming Exercises – good for practice https://github.com/zhiwehu/Python-programming-exercises/blob/master/100%2B%20Python%20challenging%20programming%20exercises.txt

– Project Euler – more practice more mathematical exercises – https://projecteuler.net/

Thanks, Patrick!

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