Teach yourself Java in 24 Hours – really nice book!

Probably a month or so ago I found one interesting idea. If a person wants to learn something new, they should look at different sources at the same time or one right after another. I began my Java language journey at Lynda.com but it went from simple to not so simple 🙂 really quick there. So I was looking for another source about Java that would clarify more details for me. And stumbled upon this book. So it’s kinda old school – a book. This means I had to compare my experiences from book vs from video. Mine is just like this one(see the image below). But hard copy. Loved the book and author’s approach to teaching. Was nice to learn some Java unrelated things too 🙂

Image result for Java in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself (Covering Java 9)

To be honest I skipped a few chapters… just because I can hardly see it useful for me to learn how to create Minecraft modes( I leave that for my kiddo 🙂 and draw 2D figures for example. The book a bit outdated in some places but with the power of the Internet all code examples are easily fixable. Can recommend this book to anybody who wants to learn Java the old way – from a book 🙂 Good luck!

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