This is how Groupon helps their merchants to rip off customers! Beware!

Update on this. Thanks to Piotr K(probably a manager) from Groupon support! I got full refund. The issue was resolved after I asked to speak with a manager.

This is not an IT thing but I just have to warn people somehow.

In February 2016 I bought 4 vouchers at Groupon for SpaWorld admissions(Centerville, VA). $25 each. That time they had a promotional value 1 voucher = 1 admission. Regular price for the admission is $40. So, I thought it was a deal and bought 4 of them. We usually go there with my wife in the winter when it’s cold outside, so I thought it was good for us to have 2 admissions each. Long story short, I had no time to go there and those vouchers had expired.


Groupon assures you that the value you pay for those vouchers will never expire. That idea made me think that my money are safe in there.

Can you trust this?

Of course I read the Fine Print to make sure that I was Ok and I would be able to use those vouchers in future for their services. The Fine Print had no limitations on the way paid amount could be used at the merchant. I came to the SpaWorld and asked them to use my vouchers. They told me that vouchers can only be used toward admissions. I showed them the Fine Print which didn’t have that limitations. They refused to honor the Fine Print, the showed me latest edition which has a phrase: Valid only for option purchased. they added this recently. I told them that my vouchers have different Fine Print with no limitation, but they didn’t want to listen and I had to pay for services with card/cash. I decided that I need to discuss this with Groupon, I sent them a message from their site describing the problem. They told me this:

Groupon's reply

I offered the support representative to get into my situation:

They sent me to their FAQ again… And I decided to print my vouchers to show them the difference between the old Fine Print and the new one…and I was shocked. I saw that the Fine Print for my old vouchers has changed also. And now it reads:

Which makes me a complete idiot that can’t read the Fine Print. But for me it’s clear, they went to their database and changed the Fine Print for all previous vouchers. I went to my mailbox and discovered that my old email with vouchers was also updated to the latest Fine Print with limitations. This is interesting… you may think that Groupon would help its customers? Now you know this is not true. They got your money after that they don’t care about you any more. I don’t know who updated the Fine Print Groupon or SpaWorld… but I know for sure this happened after I contacted Groupon support.

The conclusion: Whatever you buy on internet be sure to save every receipt or voucher as it is. Save it as PDF file on your computer and print for your records. You can’t trust nobody. They can change their site anytime.. and you’ll be looking like a complete idiot trying to prove you are right.

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